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Bins & Floors

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Bins & Floors

Wooden Grain Bins

Raydon Castle's prebuilt wooden grain bins provide an economical alternative to galvanized metal bins.

  • 2,000 bushel capacity
  • Side and top access
  • Plywood-covered solid plank floor
  • Metal-clad roof
  • 4x6 pressure-treated bottom skids
  • Plywood-sheathed 2x6 wall construction with exterior metal banding

Replacement Bin Floors

Is it time to replace that rotten old bin floor? Raydon Castle offers prebuilt grain bin floors in all standard and custom sizes. Solid, durable construction provides you with a long-lasting replacement.

  • 4x6 pressure-treated bottom skids provide easy transport via forklift or bin dollies
  • Solid 2" planked floor
  • 3/8" standard plywood floor covering
  • Plywood-sheathed 2x6 wall construction with exterior metal banding
  • Can be built to any size (most common size is 19' 3")
  • Delivery service included

Let's get started today. Come see us, or request a quote online on you new bin or floor!

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